Bits ‘n Pieces

Bits ‘n Pieces. The Brick Walls section of this site contains fairly large genealogical sections that have not been fitted into any of the main Titus genealogys; that is, the English, Dutch or German sections. As one may expect, in addition to these fairly large Brick Walls, there are literally hundreds of smaller Titus jig saw puzzle pieces that so far have not found homes anywhere. These I continue to collect in what I call my “Bits ‘n Pieces” file.

These bits ‘n pieces are shaped mainly from census data and from obituaries. From time to time enough information comes upon the scene to provide enough evidence to connect them to either a brick wall genealogy or to one of the main pictures. It is hoped that readers of this website will help to provide this evidence and give one or more of these fragments a proper home.

Click above for a nominal index that gives the Titus name and relationship to another member of the family. As in other instances on this site, vital statistics have not been included because of the confidentiality factor. If you see a familiar name on the list and would like further information please contact me directly.

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