Instructions on using the features of the data tables  that can be found in various places across the website.

  1. Number of rows. This is a drop-down box, from which you can choose the number of rows you want to have in the table.
  2. Tools. This tools section contains buttons to clear any filters and to obtain the data in the table by printing, copying to the clipboard, or to export as a CSV or Excel file.
  3. Global search field. This input field allows you to filter the table contents by a given value. Every cell is searched, and only the rows in which at least one of the cells contains the value entered in the search field are displayed.
  4. Active column. The slightly highlighted column is the current active column, which means the table data is sorted by the values from this column in ascending or descending order. The direction of the small triangle indicates the direction of the order.
  5. Sorting. The same triangle can be used to activate the sorting on a different column, or to change the sorting direction. If you press “Control” when clicking on the sorting trigger button you can sort by two columns.
  6. Filtering. Each column can be filtered separately by entering text or selecting from a drop-down box.
  7. Information. In this section you can see how many rows the table has, and which rows are currently shown.
  8. Pagination. You can use these controls to navigate through the pages. Each page contains as many rows as you defined in Section 1.

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