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Brick Walls

Brick Walls

Every genealogical researcher sooner or later runs up against what is known as a "Brick Wall." In other words, an area of research where, despite all efforts, nothing seems to fit and no further progress can apparently be made. In the case of one-name studies, such as my Titus lines, the brick walls have tended to multiply. I am listing some of them here in the hope that visitors to this webpage will be able to solve some of these puzzles.

Each one of them will provide a unique challenge. I believe the key is to keep working on them from all directions. Noli illegitimi non carborundum.

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Bits 'n Pieces

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Bits 'n Pieces. The Brick Walls section of this site contains fairly large genealogical sections that have not been fitted into any of the main Titus genealogys; that is, the English, Dutch or German sections. As one may expect, in addition to these fairly large Brick Walls, there are literally hundreds of smaller Titus jig saw puzzle pieces that so far have not found homes anywhere. These I continue to collect in what I call my "Bits 'n Pieces" file.

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