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1860 US Census

1860 United States Census

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The 1860 United States census was the eighth census in the United States and is the second census to include and name all persons living in each household. The official enumeration day was June 1, 1860. Unfortunately, as in the 1850 census, the census questionnaire did not indicate the relationships between each member of the household. There could therefore be brothers and sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, etc., living with the families that would not be readily identifiable.

Images used in this transcriptions were originally copied from National Archives and Records Administration microfilm, number M653 (1438 rolls). 1860 images and index were provided by Ancestry.com.

 Items included on the 1860 census form were as follows: name, age as of the day of the census, sex, color, birthplace, occupations of those over 15, real estate value, marriage within the previous year, whether blind, deaf, dumb, insane, paupers or convicts.

A total of thirty-three states were enumerated, with Minnesota and Oregon being added since the 1850 census. Unlike previous census records, there were no district or state-wide losses.

The 1860 census included a total of 4398 Titus and other, possibly related, names. Some with other than Titus surnames were included in this transcription if it was considered that they may have been related. Images could not be found for Kansas Territory families 5, 6 and 7.