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1900 US Census

1900 United States Census

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The 1900 United States census was the twelfth census in the United States and is the sixth census to include and name all persons living in each household. The official enumeration day was June 1, 1900. Forty-five states, including recently-admitted Utah, were enumerated. Also included were the territories of Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Ancestry.com has provided the index and the images used in these transcriptions. These images were originally copied from National Archives and Records Administration microfilm, number T623 (1854 rolls).

Items included on the 1900 census form included the name, age as of the last birthday, sex, color, occupations, birthplaces (including those of parents), marital status, number of years married, number of children born to the mother and number still living. Significant with this census was the fact that the month of birth was included. This has made it easier for genealogists to co-ordinate census records with obituaries. Dwellings and families were numbered in the order of visitation and included the names of every person living with the family.

The number of children born to the mother and the number still living is depicted in the relevant column of this transcription as follows:

For example, 4*3 means that the mother has had four children, three of whom  are still living.

The 1900 census included a total of 6955 Titus and related family names. Images for the following families listed in the index were either unavailable or unreadable:

Illinois, Families 37 and 52.
Massachusetts, Family 94.
New York, Families 21, 80, 82, 274 and 328.