Titus Family


1930 US Census

1930 United States Census

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The 1930 census is the largest (approximately 123 million Americans) and the most recent released to date. These Titus transcriptions were created using images and indices provided by Ancestry.com from records from the National Archives and Records Administration, 1930. T626, 2667 rolls. As census records are not made public until 72 years have elapsed, this census was not released until Apr. 1, 2002. 

 The enumeration for the 1930 census began on Apr. 2, 1930 (Oct. 1, 1929 in Alaska) and was indended to record the status of individuals as of Apr. 1, 1930.

The following information was collected for each household:

1. Address, including street name and house number.
2. Name of each occupant and relationship to the head of the family.
3. Status of residence (owned or rented), value of home, and whether or not the home has a radio.
4. Personal data, including sex, race, age, marital status, college attendance, ability to read and write, birthplace and birthplace of parents.
5. Citizenship, language spoken before immigration, year of immigration, whether naturalized or alien, and ability to speak English.
6. Occupation, industry or business, class of worker, whether worked the previous day, and unemployment schedule.
7. Military service, whether or not a veteran and name of war or expedition participation.

For the purpose of this transcription, the following simplified data has been provided:

1. Census State.
2. County.
3. Location (town, township, etc).
4. Surname.
5. First Name(s).
6. Age.
7. Approximate Birth Year.
8. Relationship.
9. Occupation.
10. Birth State Self.
11. Birth State Father.
12. Birth State Mother.
13. Age at Marriage.
14. Marital Status.
15. Family Number.

The 1930 census included a total of 10,009 Titus and related family names. The data in this transcription has been divided into two parts, the first containing families from Alaska to New Hampshire, and the second from New Jersey to Wyoming. In addition, an index is provided to simplify the process of identification of individuals and families. Images for the following families listed in the index were either unavailable or unreadable:

California, Family nymbers 29 and 195.
Michigan, Family number 57.
New Jersey, Family numbers 20 and 25.
Pennsylvania, Family number 153.