This DNA section includes three articles on my own experience with DNA testing, titled “Over the Brick Wall to Bannockburn”, “Homeward Bound From Bannockburn”, and “We are all Cousins.”

The DNA aspect of genealogy is a new and evolving asset and has the potential to add substantially to our genealogical data base. So far, seven Tituses have been tested and the results of four of them have provided a template for the Robert Titus English line. The sets of markers for the Dutch line has also been determined. Male descendants from both the German and Dutch lines have recently been tested for their Y DNA markers and are found to have the same origins. In other words, they both belong to the same genetic haplogroup, but the most recent common ancestor lived in Europe before the lines emigrated to the United States. Also, last year a representative of the New Brunswick line was Y DNA tested and he proved that the New Brunswick line was part of the Robert Titus English line. We need more volunteers to step forward. It should be noted that these tests only involve the non-functional part of the Y chromosome (the so-called junk DNA) and therefore cannot be used for medical or insurance purposes. In addition, the name of the testee is protected.

Over the Brick Wall to Bannockburn

Up until recently, the genealogical record of my Arthurs family in New Brunswick has been relatively sparse, and all my attempts to trace the family back more than four generations have bounced me off the traditional brick wall. From the 1851 Canadian census records for Kings County, NB we know that Joseph Arthurs “entered the colony” in 1833 from Ireland. The Canadian 1851 census is the earliest complete population survey undertaken in New Brunswick. Consequently, information that predates 1851 is sketchy and difficult to come by. A publication of “Passengers to New Brunswick, The Custom House Records 1833,” edited by…

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Homeward Bound From Bannockburn

This is a story that involves the past, the present, and the future. It is also a success story involving DNA, an inheritance we receive from our ancesters, hold for a brief time in trust, and pass on to our descendants.

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We Are All Cousins

I wrote the words below in 1966 while on deployment with the Royal Canadian Air Force at the Italian Air Base at Decimomannu, Sardinia, when I was flying CF-104 Starfighters during the Cold War. It was dedicated later to one of my air force buddys, Jack Murdoch.

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