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New Brunswick Index

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One of the unsolved mysteries of the Titus family of North America is the ancestry of John Titus whose lineage is the subject of this index. All that is known is that he arrived in New Brunswick around 1771 from New York and settled on a land grant at Washademoak, Queens Co., NB along with a Benjamin and a Silas Titus, who also originated in New York. Church of Latter Day Saints records state that John was the son of a John and Elizabeth Titus, but no source of this data is given except that it was submitted by Kay Beal of 1482 W. Hanks Circle, Farmington, VT, 84025. "Loyalist Families" indicates that John Titus originated in New Jersey.

Robert Titus arrived in the new world in 1635 from London, along with his wife and two children. Three other sons were born in the United States. His genealogy is reasonably well documented, but there are large gaps in the lineages of two of his sons, Abiel and Content. It could well be that John belongs to Robert's lineage.

There is another possibility that this John Titus is a descendant of Titus Syrach De Vries, a Dutch immigrant to the United States about 1650. His descendants adopted the surname Titus and several branches of this Dutch Titus family have yet to be researched.

Benjamin, according to "Land Grants of Loyalists" published by the New Brunswick Department of Transportation, received land at Westfield, Kings Co., NB. (Ononette). He received a subsequent grant in Upper Canada (Ontario) and no further record of him can be found as he probably died before the 1851 Canadian census was taken. Census records do, however, include Titus families living in Prince Edward County, Ontario which could be his descendants, as they are listed as having originated in New Brunswick. Further research is necessary. No further reference to any Silas Titus has been found in New Brunswick references.