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We Are Back

This site is now back after an absence of a couple of weeks.

The previous version used older software that was susceptible to attack and as a result was encountering frequent problems with malware.

The site has now been ported to newer software and a higher security host.

The look is now a little different, but the structure and content are the same.

Please bear with us as we workout the final kinks.

New Files

As of October 5, 2012, the Titus data from the 1940 US census has been added to the Census Section.

This has been made possible by the efforts of Family Search, whose thousands of volunteers inedexed and arbitrated the entire 1940 US census in the space of only 124 days!

New Sections

As of January 31, 2010, some of the content has been rearranged and two new sections have been added to this Titus site. These are Vital Stats and Brick Walls.  As with most of the previous sections, both have drop-down menus. The Vital Stats section now includes, in addition to the Washington archival data previously on the site, new transcriptions of Titus-related obituaries, plus New Jersey marriages and deaths, early Massachusetts births, marriages and deaths, Texas marriages and Michigan deaths.

I am especially endebted to Marcinda (Cindy) Brown of New Jersey for the many hours she has spent in researching New Jersey records for this Titus material. The  New Jersey marriage and death certificate transcriptions on this site are all taken from the images of certificates that she sent to me.

The Brick Walls section now includes what I call a "Bits 'n Pieces" index. These are Titus names from small pieces of one or other of the big pictures that haven't yet found a home.

Also included on Jul. 5, 2010 are the Titus-related transcriptions from all the available Canadian Census records from 1851 to 1911.

Entered in the vital statistics section on Jun. 20, 2010 are transcriptions from early Massachusetts records of Titus births, marriages and deaths.

On January 20, 2011 the site was updated and new content and revisions were added, as follows:

A new section titled TRAVEL was included, which contains inbound Titus arrivals in New York. It also includes Titus passport applications.

The Titus obit section file was divided into three sections for easier access and the Titus-related file was divided into six parts for the same reason.

The following new files have been added to the Vital Stats section: California births, North Carolina births, Texas births, and Texas Titus-related births. Please note that two of these Excel files, the Texas births and the Texas Titus-related births, have two pages each.

The Social Security Death Index file has been updated to reflect November 25, 2010 data.

In October, 2013 Family Tree DNA posted the kit number of a member of the Dutch Titus line whose lineage from the Dutch line has been documented by DNA markers. The English line DNA had been confirmed several years earlier. This leaves the German line yet to be confirmed.


The Titus Family Website

The  existence of this Titus website is the result of the hard technical work performed by my son, David Arthurs, who gave the site to me as a Christmas present in 2008. His efforts were spurred along by the encouragement of my daughter, Sue.

The results so far have been gratifying. The comments from you folks out there have been positive and it appears that the site is achieving its objectives of filling in some of the gaps in Titus genealogy. The data accumulated from those who have contacted me directly has already added valuable information to the several Titus "big pictures" and further communication is encouraged. Thanks to all of you for your participation!

The photographs on the Home page are that of Calvin Pearl Titus and his family. He was part of the German Titus line that founded Titusville, Crawford County, PA.

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