This OBITS Section contains the texts of hundreds of obituaries of Titus folks, most of which I have not yet been able to connect to any of the main Titus lines. Some belong to my “brick walls” and others could fit into some of the more recent immigrant lines, such as those that are known to have come to our shores from Lithuania, Wales, Armenia and Germany, as well as African American and American Indian Titus lines. It is hoped that the obits that follow will help fellow researchers to update their own genealogies as well as to provide help to me in improving mine.

Also included are files of Titus-related obituaries. These are obituaries involving surnames other than Titus that have in them one or more Titus family references. These can occasionally prove helpful in connecting the various lines. They may also prove helpful to those who are wondering just who all of those Titus girls may have married.

Unlike the data in other sections of this website, the Obits sections are text files, rather than database queries. Although they have been divided into alphabetical groups to reduce the file sizes, they are still large and may take some to load for those with slow Internet connections.

Newspaper Archive

The items below have been transcribed from American newspaper archives. They consist mostly of obituaries, but also describe everyday events from the lives of Titus families recorded over the past 200 years.

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